Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common ailment with many presentations and possible causes, yet treating it invariably requires an effort to increase stability and sometimes mobility throughout your core.

My job as a massage therapist is to manipulate soft tissues such as muscles, joints, and fascia to improve pain free range of motion; however, most of my clients would benefit tremendously from further support with exercise and a well thought out plan of action. Have you ever considered personal training? Do your benefits cover Registered Kinesiologist? If so, I would like to introduce you to my colleague Nemanja Sambaher, aka Nem


Here is a like to an article he wrote to get you started, enjoy!

Change in my fee schedule

It's time for me to start paying HST on my services, which is great because that means my business is growing, but unfortunately that also means more cost to you. I'd like to make this transition as painless as possible and there are two ways in which I plan to do this.  Firstly, for the month of April I am making packages available at approximately the same rate as my current membership rate. This means you can purchase 6 1 hr Swedish Massage treatments at once for the flat rate of $500.

The second measure is to increase my rate only marginally, splitting the difference between what you pay me and what I pay the CRA. Thus, I am increasing my one time 1hr Swedish Massage treatment to $95 taxes in, and increase of only $6. The rest of my rates are as follows:

  • 90min Swedish Massage $135 taxes in

  • 45min Swedish Massage $75

  • 30min Swedish Massage $55

For my ongoing memeberships, my new rates will be as follows.

  • 90min Swedish Massage $125 taxes in

  • 60min Swedish Massage $85 taxes in

These changes will take effect beginning May 1st 2018. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!

Please let me know if there are any questions regarding these changes. You can also read about RMT fees here:


Up and running!

I'm happy to announce that Harbourview RMT is up and running. Here are some early pictures, hopefully I can get a professional photographer in soon! Taking you on your path from the front entrance, to my kitchen and dining room where we'll be discussing your treatment needs. A privacy screen means you won't have to interact with anyone else who may be home. Next is the private treatment room with a bathroom opposite for your convenience. Welcome to my home!